5 Centimeters Per Second

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5 Centimeters Per Second

Original Manga N/A
Director Makoto Shinkai
Format Anime (Movie)
Made By CoMix Wave Inc.
Length 1 hour 3 minutes


Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence

Three stories about difficult romantic relationships.

Main Description

A three act story of the relationship between childhood friends Takaki and Akari. The first act tells the story of Takaki's first trip to meet Akari after she has moved to another city. The second, taking place in high school and told from the perspective of a love-struck classmate of Takaki's, begins to show how the slow decay of that childhood relationship has affected him. The final act deals with the culmination of Takaki's pent up emotions. It's a story of how time and distance affect friends and lovers, and how they deal with the regret and loss of present and past.

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Personal Opinions


I love this movie. The animation is breathtaking, and probably the best I've seen in an anime. I missed several lines of the subtitles because I was too distracted by the detail of the picture. The only thing I didn't entirely enjoy was how boring the storyline was, although I could still appreciate it for being otherwise well written.


I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. The story moves a bit slow, as it follows a young boy named Takaki Tohno as he tries to keep in touch with his first love, Akari Shinohara when she is forced to move far away with her family. The story seems to have started in the 90's, as you don't see much computer usage or cellphones in the beginning of the movie, but as the story progresses the timeline follows them from elementary school to adulthood, ending in the present. The soundtrack is excellent, as well as the visuals and animation. If you want to take a break from flashy action anime, or you enjoy drama/slice of life you will probably enjoy this film.


This seems to me more or less like the culmination of Shinkai's works up to this point. The theme is very similar to Voices and Place Promised, it's just told at a more comfortable pace and with more confident direction. The background art looks better than ever as well, with photo-realistic renderings colored with that almost otherworldly palette that has become the signature of his studio's productions.

a kitten

One of my favorite films in general. He uses light and color along with an amazing grasp of emotional tone to tell this story of loss and distance in a compelling and emotionally resonant fashion.