All Rounder Meguru

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All Rounder Meguru
All Rounder Meguru.jpg
Manga Author Hiroki Endo
Format Manga
# of Chapters 28 (ongoing)


Action, Sports

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A kid hones his skills in a realistic depiction of mixed martial arts (shooto).

Main Description

Meguru Takayanagi grew up with a karate background, but his experiences with his childhood friend Takashi Segawa left both of them yearning for a more practical form of martial arts. The two part ways and unexpectedly reunite when they both find each other practicing the mixed martial arts called shooto, although both are training in different gyms. Meguru trains with the Fighters Brew team and although a novice and somewhat slow in learning, he works hard and shows signs of inspiration in the middle of matches by using moves that were used against him in previous matches. Takashi on the other hand, has proven to be a cold and relentless fighter even toward Meguru as Takashi has underlying ambitions of seeking revenge and finding those who may have killed his father.

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Personal Opinions


A real life lesson.

This is a very well-illustrated manga in all its simplicity, and incorporates a lot of different martial art practices into what the characters are learning and using. However, despite explaining the techniques, they do throw around a lot of terminology that someone who doesn't practice or watch MMA might get lost with. But if you can keep up, you can learn a thing or two and root for the characters. This is a very nice read when you get tired of all the screaming punches that shounen can be full of sometimes. --Willsun 09:01, 11 May 2011 (UTC)