Aoi Hana

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Aoi Hana
Sweet Blue Flowers.jpg
Akira and Fumi.
Original Manga Takako Shimura
Director/Artist Kenichi Kasai
Format Anime (TV)
Format Manga
Made By J.C. Staff
# of Episodes 11
# of Volumes 8 (Completed)


Drama, Romance,

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A shy young girl enters high school, reconnects with an old friend and starts dating a popular upperclasswoman.

Main Description

Fumi Manjoume, a shy and very introverted girl is just starting high school when she reconnects with a close friend from her childhood who has just started attending another nearby (and prestigious) all girls school. As the two of them catch up with each other after ten years of separation Fumi catches the eye and affections of Yasuko Sugimoto a very popular girl from the senior class. While young love blooms, and hearts are broken Akira and Fumi help each other deal with the ups and downs of teenage life along with the added stresses of Fumi's sexuality and coming out.

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Personal Opinions

a kitten

This series takes the overdone and trite setting of a lot of yuri (that being an all girls high school with a suspicious number of girls who seem to have crushes on each other) and makes it into a sweet young love drama with multi-faceted, believable characters who grow and change throughout its run in both dramatic and subtle ways. Probably the most enjoyable way to start the series is to watch the eleven episode anime first and then pick up the manga from there (around chapter 18) the anime is well directed and lovely to look at, and there will never be any more of it since it apparently sold like crap.

One of the things that sets this apart is the fact that issues of coming out and being young and gay are actually explored and discussed in a sensitive fashion. It's also charming, melancholy, sweet and sometimes humorous, a great little romance series, it just so happens that some of the romance is between people of the same gender.