Apocalypse Zero

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Apocalypse Zero

Original Manga Takayuki Yamaguchi
Director/Artist Toshihiro Hirano
Format Anime (OVA)
Made By Victor Entertainment
Episode Length 40 min.
# of Eps/Volumes 2 episodes, 11 volumes


Comedy, Sci-Fi

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Main Description

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Personal Opinions


I saw the OVA a while ago, but I just finished the manga of Apocalypse Zero. The last few volumes were raw, so I only sort of got what was going on, but it wasn't so bad because it's a shonen fighting manga anyway. If you haven't heard of Apocalypse Zero, it's like Kamen Rider meets Riki-Oh meets the ins anely sexy thread. The OVAs only cover the first couple volumes, and the story and fights actually get a lot better from there (the enemies actually start to pose a challenge).

Apocalypse Zero the OVA gets 6/10 because it barely contains any of the story. Apocalypse Zero the manga gets a solid 7.5/10, definitely worth the couple hours it takes to read it if you like fighting comics where the story actually goes somewhere in a timely fashion (6 volumes in English, 11 total).

And it's a 0/10 if you don't like penis monsters, hermaphrodites, and people constantly vomiting up their own intestines.


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