Armor Hunter Mellowlink

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Armor Hunter Mellowlink
Director Takeyuki Kanda
Format Anime (OVA)
Made By Sunrise
Episode Length 25 Minutes
# of Episodes 12


Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha

Sum it up in a Sentence

A young man, betrayed by his commanding officers, relentlessly hunts them down one-by-one armed with only his wits and a big-ass rifle.

Main Description

Former Gilgamesh soldier Mellowlink Ality finds himself at the center of a conspiracy. As the lone survivor of a team sent on a suicide mission, he is framed by his commanding officers for a crime he didn't commit. Now on the run, Mellowlink seeks revenge on the conspirators who betrayed him and sent his team to their deaths. Armed only with with his wits and an anti-AT rifle, Mellowlink ruthlessly and cunningly hunts down his former commanders one-by-one.

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Personal Opinions

Mecha Gojira

A solid entry into the VOTOMS universe, Armor Hunter Mellowlink is a well-crafted, if by-the-numbers revenge story. Watching Mellowlink hunt down the absolute scum of the Gilgamesh military is an absolute blast. What makes it even more fun and exciting is the fact that Mellowlink never steps into the cockpit of an AT. He must use his skills and his cunning to take down his armored opponents. Of course, the giant fucking rifle he carries helps.