Azumanga Daioh

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Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga's main characters
Original Manga Kiyohiko Azuma
Director/Artist Hiroshi Nishikiori
Format Anime (TV)
Episode Length 22 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 26 episodes (anime), 4 volumes (manga)
each episode is composed of five short segments


Comedy, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Azumanga is a slice of life comedy that tells the story of a group of girls as they make their way through high school with comedy and the occasional heartwarming moment that might just bring a tear to your eye.

Main Description

The best part of Azumanga Daioh is its great cast of characters.

  • Sakaki is the quietest of the main characters. She is tall and athletic. Many of the plots about her concern her love for cats and other animals. Unfortunately, to her dismay, most cats would rather bite Sakaki than allow her to pet them.
  • Kagura does not join the main cast until the characters reach their second year of high school. Kagura is just as athletic as Sakaki, the difference is that Kagura is part of the swim team and is very competitive all around, whereas Sakaki is pretty much indifferent towards sports.
  • Yomi is pretty smart and puts a lot of effort into her studies, especially when it comes time for college entrance exams. She is a very reasonable person. The only thing that tends to send her into crazy mode is her weight. Despite being of average size, she can sometimes obsess over weight loss and diets.
  • Osaka is a transfer student from... Osaka. Everyone refers to her by this nickname, even the teachers. It was given to her by Tomo for the dialect spoken there. Osaka is very easy going and absent minded. She has a lot of trouble paying attention in class and occasionally even falls asleep at her desk.
  • Chiyo is younger than the rest of the characters. Because of her incredible intelligence, she has skipped past five years of school. She takes her studies seriously and often ends up tutoring or helping her fellow students with their own work. Being surrounded by so many older kids sometimes makes her self-conscience about her small age and short height. Watch out for her pony tails.
  • Tomo is hyperactive. She is as competitive as Kagura despite not being very athletic. She doesn't take her school work very seriously. She has been childhood friends with Yomi. In fact, Tomo's crazy antics seem to be the only thing that can break Yomi's usually cool and collected demeanor.

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Personal Opinions


Most of these shows with the big-eyed anime characters billed as comedies turn out to be a wretched mess that appeals to only the highest caliber of nerd who somehow falls in love with the ugly cuteness of its characters. This is not so with Azumanga Daioh. Azumanga Daioh is legitimately funny and enjoyable. It has just the proper mix of bizarre “what the hell?” moments, crazy wit, and charm. This is the best show that I’ve seen of its kind.

Dan a man

This is a truly wonderful show. There were a few slow episodes, but the majority are extremely funny and more than make up for it. This is especially true once the characters and their very different personalities are introduced and fleshed out. Highly recommended.


Pretty much the best anime ever. If you have even a remote interest for slice of life anime, watch this. You should probably watch it anyways though because it's that awesome.


Azumanga deserves all the hype it gets. There is no action, romance, drama, or seriousness of any kind to distract you from the simple humor of their everyday lives. It's consistently funny, and occasionally manically so. The cast is all memorable and distinct, and the ending made me pretty damn sad to see them all graduate. For what it is, it's easily among the best ever made.


This anime had by far the most random jokes and events. It's pure insanity throughout the entire anime (especially Chiyo-Chan's dad). I'm not sure if this is my favorite anime of all time, but it's definitely my favorite comedy anime.