B Gata H Kei

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B-gata H-kei

Original Manga Yoko Sanri
Director/Artist Yusuke Yamamoto
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Hal Film Maker
Episode Length 24 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 12


Romance, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence

Popular high-school girl seeks 100 fuck buddies, ends up falling in love with her first target.

Main Description

Based off of a 4-koma manga, B-gata H-kei is the story of the singularly-named Yamada, a popular girl entering high school who hides one big problem: she's a virgin and is afraid of admitting this to anyone except her best friend Takeshita, who in turn smacks Yamada over the head when she won't shut up about wanting sex.

Yamada makes a resolution to get 100 sex partners in high school, but is continually afraid of actually asking anyone out until one day she meets a normal-looking guy named Kosuda at a bookstore. After discovering that Kosuda is a classmate of hers, Yamada decides to make Kosuda her first target, but things get complicated when the two misinterpret each others' signals. Hilarity ensues as Yamada constantly tries to have sex with Kosuda, especially when a large-breasted childhood friend, a super-rich rival and her surprisingly perfect brother enter the picture later on.

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Personal Opinions


I expected this was going to be awful from the initial description (if you take the sentence summary at face value). But after the first couple of episodes, I actually found myself laughing at it. On one hand, it acts like an inverse-harem show: the lead is a female who openly admits to wanting a ton of fuck-buddies, and she actually rejects the unnamed guys who throw themselves at her for one normal guy whose only distinguishing feature is his photography. On the other hand, during the few serious moments it can actually be kind of heartwarming. Unlike other harem-esque shows, the relationship actually moves forward with each episode. Granted, the humor does mostly play off one joke premise, but oh man do they go the distance. Additionally, some big-name VAs appear in the cast list: Yukari Tamura as Yamada, Yui Horie as Takeshita, and Yuu Kobayashi (Nagi from Nyan Koi!) as Kyouka Kanejou.

In sum, this show is better than you think it will be at first. Give it a shot.