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Original Manga Tsugumi Ohba (Writer)
Takeshi Obata (Artist)
Director Kenichi Kasai
Noriaki Akitaya
Format Manga
Anime (TV)
Published In Weekly Shounen Jump
Made By J.C.Staff
Episode Length 25 Minutes
# of Episodes 25


Drama, Comedy, Romance, Shounen

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Two high school kids decide to try and make it in the manga business.

Main Description

Moritaka Mashiro is a young man who has fallen in love with a girl named Azuki Miho. One day he accidentally leaves a notebook full of is sketches of her in class, where his classmate Akito Takagi finds it. Takagi is impressed with Mashiro's work and invites Mashiro to draw for the stories that Takagi will write, perhaps to help impress Miho. Mashiro is apprehensive however, as his uncle died of overwork in the manga industry. Later, Takagi fools Mashiro into visiting Miho's house, where both announce their intention to become mangaka. This delights Miho, who is seeking to become a voice actress. Mashiro and Miho make a promise, as soon as both achieve their dreams, they are to be married, and an anime of Takagi and Mashiro's work will be made where Miho is the lead voice actress.

To this end, Takagi and Mashiro form as a mangaka duo, under the name Ashirogi Muto and begin work to be published in Shounen Jump.

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  • Hikaru no Go
  • Beck - Koyuki is a listless 14 year old until he meets Ryuusuke, a guitarist. Cue a very real-to-life struggle as their band, BECK, tries to make it big. Biggest similarity between these two is the realism. If Bakuman is "So you want to be a mangaka", than BECK is "So you want to be a rockstar".

Personal Opinions

Dj Meow Mix

One of my favorite manga, Bakuman is a wild ride, and an interesting insight to how the manga industry works. The characters are all fleshed out nicely, and the plot is paced pretty well considering how wordy the topic could be. One large complaint against the series is that the female characters are rather flimsy, a claim I side with. However, this doesn't detract from the plot too much. This manga will make you more nervous about due dates and phone calls than you ever thought you could be, and this makes even the characters' small successes a joy to experience. Give it a shot, you could do a lot worse for shounen.

The anime is a pretty good adaptation as well, although it moved a bit slowly through the first season at the start, it began picking up near the end. A second season is set to debut in October 2011.


Insufferable main characters, the side charracters take all the glory. Can tell they ran out of ideas towards the end. Still, I'll rate Bakuman as above average overall.