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Ryuu Sasakura
Original Manga Writer Araki Joh
Director Masaki Watanabe
Writer Yasuhiro Imagawa
Format Anime (TV)
# of Episodes 11


Seinen, Slice of Life, Drama(maybe)

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A bartender looks into the hearts of his customers and serves them the drink they really need.

Main Description

In every episode, someone visits Eden Hall, the bar run by Ryuu Sasakura. They tell him about their problems, or don't, and he gives them the most appropriate drink for their situation. The episodes are almost completely standalone, and cover a wide variety of topics/drinks.

The show is based on a manga, and was turned into a live action show, too.

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Personal Opinions


At first, I dismissed the show because the concept sounded silly. However, I read someone's glowing review on the forums, and decided to give it a shot. Of note are the fact that all of the drinks/liqueurs are real, and there are none of the dumb tropes normally associated with anime. Basically, the only reason you might not like it is if it's too boring for you, but I, and at least a couple other people on SA found it to be a breath of fresh air in the anime landscape.


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