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Original Manga Harold Sakuishi
Director Osamu Kobayashi
Format Anime (TV), Manga
# of Episodes 26
# of Volumes 25+


Drama, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence:

It was made to hit in America.

Main Description

Tanaka Yukio, better known by his nickname Koyuki is a 14 year old who feels disconnected from life in general. Through the act of saving a mismatched dog, he meets guitarist Minami Ryuusuke, and becomes involved in Ryuusuke's new band BECK. Koyuki's life starts to change as the band struggles towards fame.

A very true to life look at a band that is trying to make it. We watch Koyuki go from playing nothing, to being a guitarist on par with Ryuusuke and one hell of a singer. Over the course of several years. You don't need to be told he is getting better, you can feel it. Despite watching BECK go unnoticed for for episode upon episode, the whole show is a very cathartic experience.

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  • Air Gear -- BECK makes you want to play, Air Gear makes you want to skate.

Personal Opinions


This makes me wanna go in my closet, dust off the guitar, and actually learn to use it.


This is a very nice show with good characterization. I like how no one is really perfect in this show and that you can really connect with them as actual representations of characters. Highly recommended drama show.