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Original Manga Tamura Ryuuhei
Director/Artist Tamura Ryuuhei
Format Manga
Made By Shounen Jump
Episode Length N/A
# of Eps/Volumes TBD


Action, Comedy, Shounen

Sum it up in a Sentence

An evil and strong teenager ends up becoming the surrogate father of Satan's son.

Main Description

Beelzebub is the story of Tatsumi Oga, known as "Kata Middle School's Violent Ogre". One day he finds himself the reluctant adoptive parent of the Demon King's son, Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV (Baby Be'el for short), an adorable baby boy who is destined to destroy the world when he grows up. Due to a magical bond which has formed between them, Oga will die if he and Be'el are separated by 15 metres or more.

The baby's beautiful blonde busty demon nanny Hildegarde informs Oga that Be'el has picked Oga as his parent due to Oga's evilness and strength, and thus Oga begins his quest to find someone even more more evil and stronger than himself so he can pass on the burdens of parenthood.

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Personal Opinions


Refreshingly, Beelzebub avoids many of the usual tropes associated with shonen series: Oga wins most of his fights in a curb-stomp, never undergoes any training arcs, and remains a self-centred jerkass throughout the series; there is absolutely zero sexual tension or awkward romantic hijinks between Oga and Hildegarde, and Oga’s best friend Furuichi, the sole non-delinquent in Oga’s school, has absolutely zero angst or hang-ups about being a non-fighter in a fighting series.

By turns dramatic, silly and touching, Beelzebub is always, always funny.