Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

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Original Manga Masaki Okayu
Director/Artist Tsutomu Mizushima
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Hal Film Maker
Episode Length 26 min
# of Episodes 4



Sum it up in a Sentence:

An "angel" from the future comes to stop a boy from growing up and ruining the world, she also kills him many times.

Main Description

Dokuro Chan is an angel sent from the future to stop a guy named Sakura from ruining the world when he grows up. The plot is fairly shallow and the show is really just about the slap-stick comedy where Dokuro Chan will constantly smash Sakura with her club which sprays blood everywhere and then magically make him come back to life. This happens several times in each episode and is basically what the entire show is about.

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Personal Opinions


Good if you want to kill all of your brain cells (by which I mean this is really terrible).


Amusing enough as a one gag show, just don't bother with more than a season, wears itself out before that one is even over.


Official Dokuro-chan Homepage (Japanese)