Busou Renkin

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Busou Renkin
Busou Renkin

Original Manga Nobuhiro Watsuki
Director/Artist Takao Kato
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By Xebec
Episode Length 24 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 26 (Anime)
10 (Manga)


Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Full Metal Alchemist + Bleach + Haruhi + half of Kenshin's cross-shaped scar = Awesome.

Main Description

A high school student named Kazuki is out late one night when he sees a girl being attacked by a monster. When he tries to help her, the creature kills him. The girl, Tokiko, feels sorry for him and gives him a second chance at life by replacing his heart with a kagugane, a tool used by alchemists as a weapon against the monsters known as homunculi. However, against Tokiko's will, Kazuki devotes his new life to aiding her cause as an alchemic warrior.

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Personal Opinions



The first few episodes of the show are awfully mediocre. Of course, at that point it's just Kazuki training and killing ugly creatures with a big lance, so it's hard to blame people for giving up on the show before they've caught onto its good points. A few more episodes in, it jumps up to the point of being one of the best shows of the season. Why? Well, the show is hilarious. I could not ask for better characters. They're overflowing with absurdity, from Papillion, who walks the streets at night wearing nothing but a thong and a butterfly mask, to Moonface—a man with a moon for a head. Sound straightforward enough for you?

The other ridiculous element of the show being the over-passionate behaviors of... most of the main cast. The fierce determination of Kazuki, and his mentor, Captain-fucking-Bravo, may put you in tears. Especially when combined with the beyond-awesome Yoshiki Fukuyama opening theme.

Good animation and a good cast (including Aya Hirano, from Suzumiya Haruhi and Death Note) certainly aren't hurting the show either. Rurouni Kenshin fans have one more reason to watch, as well. It's got the same creator, and he's loading it with Kenshin references. The show is hilarious even without them, but I love it when Kazuki moans "ororo" or Tokiko's face is bandaged up exactly like Shishio's. Download this as soon as possible.


It's a Shonen Jump action/fighting series in the same basic genres of Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and the like. Kazuki, the main male lead, has got a thing for the female lead who gave him his powers. Kazuki now tries his darned hardest to become stronger to protect this female lead that he also develops a crush for that he’s too embarrassed to admit. All the while he must train and with the burning spirit of believing in himself during the most crucial moments, he must defeat even the strongest adversaries.

This take on the genre I’d say is slightly above average. It doesn’t do much to break away from its stereotype with transformations, rivalries, enemies who turn their beliefs around after defeat, and conspiracies within the good guys all shoehorned into the series’ 26 episodes. However, understanding this, the show does do a pretty good job of having a few dramatic battles and occasionally having an interesting plotline of suspense and mystery. For a shonen show at least. All with a bit of silliness and goofiness to make the show fun which is what Busou Renkin ultimately aims for.