Casshern Sins

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Casshern Sins
Man, if I had to wear a skin-tight suit, I'd stare wistfully into space too.
Original Manga Masaki Takei
Director/Artist Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Madhouse
Episode Length 24 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 24


Drama, Sci-Fi, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Casshern, an amnesiac robot struggles to find his purpose in a decaying world.

Main Description

A reboot of the Casshern franchise, Casshern SINS is the polar opposite of the preceding Neo-Human Casshern. It’s still set in the same world where robots led by the Braiking Boss have subjugated humans. But instead of a hero to humanity who obtains cybernetic enhancements to fight Braiking Boss and his minions alongside Luna, Casshern is a tin can hit man sent by Braiking Boss to assassinate the messianic Luna. Luna’s death triggers a cataclysmic event, which spells doom for humans and robots alike. Some years later, Casshern wakes up with a completely blank memory, and begins to wander the world in an attempt to find out more about himself.

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Personal Opinions


This is pretty similar to Trigun, although much more depressing. Also done by Madhouse, the animation is their best work so far. The plot may be a bit slow in the beginning, but it seems to be picking up now. If nothing else, it’s an (extremely pretty) view of Casshern’s journey through an insane, dying world.


This is so artsy and amazing. One of the most beautiful anime period; it's really incredible what they've managed to do with their budget. I feel it's one of the best use of computer-generated graphics. The plot is good, and the action is FAN FUCKING TASTIC. Badass as hell.


Excellent animation and a catchy opening song. it's certainly watchable, but i think i'd enjoy it more if it was more coherently plot-driven. as is, it feels like a lot of the episodes are unrelated vignettes that could occur in any order and more or less re-enforce the same melancholic hopelessness. there are enough battles and beautifully drawn scenes to keep you watching though.


This is a slow and very moody anime. The atmosphere is the best of its kind, with an interesting simplistic art style that really captures everything they were aiming for, along with is nice depressing music. A lot of people love this one and while I did enjoy parts, it was a little too style of substance for me. I also felt that sometimes the anime would exaggerate nonsense a little too far in order to make some sort of social commentary. I felt the characterization occasionally lacked.


This is a story set in a dying, empty world. It also features some of the most beautifully moving writing I've ever seen. And despite 99% of the characters you see in this show being robots, most of them are more understandably and simplistically human than the majority of human characters in other shows. Casshern's development as a character is particularly amazing, but necessary since he effectively begins as a blank slate. This show is a very moving piece of literary art. But if moody dialogue doesn't do it for you, then skip over to the spectacular action sequences that just about every episode has. Hell, the majority of the characters look like they were ripped straight out of a shounen action show. But these are definitely not shounen action action characters, and this is definitely not a shounen action show, but it is still an amazing show.