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Original Manga CLAMP
Director/Artist Morio Asaka
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Madhouse
Episode Length 26 Minutes
# of Episodes 26


Romance, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Boy meets girl (robot), girl (robot) is slightly retarded, boy fights off desire to fuck girl (robot).

Main Description

Ever wonder what it's like to fall in love with a learning android?

Chobits follows the story of young Hideki Motosuwa, who has come to Tokyo to study. Hideki is a rather naive man who grew up in the country away from general society, and has serious issues dealing with women. He also has an interest in Persocoms (personal companions); life-like androids built as companions for humans. As much as Hideki wants a Persocom he can't afford one, but by chance he stumbles upon a beautiful life-size (if small) Persocom left in the trash. Upon activitation the Persocom seems to have the intelligence of a newborn, and has to learn from Hideki's example. In the beginning the only thing the Persocom can say is Chi, so naturally Hideki names it Chi. It learns much as a child does, but very quickly. Hideki learns a thing or two about this particular Persocom as well, which might revolutionize how humans and Persocoms interact in the future.

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Personal Opinions


This is a funny little show and is slightly endearing although I don't think it would be that popular if it wasn't for time, place, and who the manga authors are (CLAMP). Decent enough show though.


A show about having blueballs, that will give you blueballs. If you're only reading this review because you want to see robot sex, then walk away. You might even be halfway into the series and you're just checking because you know the robot sex is right around the corner, but no seriously just hit STOP and return the DVD. If you're okay with the fact that no matter what the show leads you to believe, that this show is not about robot sex nor will it ever be about robot sex, then this is a pretty good show with great character development, well worth your time. But seriously, this isn't about robot sex, so walk away now.


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