Cromartie High School

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Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School
Here we see Freddie Mercury from Queen, rockin' like a hurricane.

Original Manga Eiji Nonaka
Director Hiroaki Sakurai
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Production I.G
Episode Length 12 Minutes
# of Episodes 26 Episodes



Sum it up in a Sentence:

Like Azumanga, only weirder and more badass.

Main Description

Cromartie High School is the story of Takashi Kamiyama and his everyday life at Cromartie High. Everyday life isn't very ordinary, though, as it's a school known to be full of street punks - also, old rock stars, gorillas, robots, and other, stranger people. Kamiyama is the baddest punk there, however, so it's no problem for him.

This isn't a show for someone who likes intricate plots, deep character growth, or moving, emotional climaxes. Kamiyama and his friends go on one terribly ludicrous outing after another. Lasting only 12 minutes, (although they usually move through a few plots in that time) this show goes at a breakneck speed and doesn't slow down enough to make any sense. Things vary from a quest to find the toughest punk at the school, Trying to figure out if Mechazawa is a robot, or the whole school with a song stuck in their head that no one can remember the name to. The stories are simple enough, but throw in enough surprise visual gags, general absurdity and the comically overdramatic attitude that everyone takes, and you get something unique.

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Personal Opinions


I am in love with this show. Then again, I like a lot of nonsense humor shows. Frankly, this series kind of reminds me of something you'd find on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, except without having to resort to explicitly over the top bathroom humor or one-note pop culture references (very often). The short episodes work perfectly for the format; the high octane pace they keep probably wouldn't be able to last a full half hour. It's also just more convenient to be able to watch an episode quickly, or show one to a friend. As you may imagine, you can pretty much watch any episode without having to watch the previous ones and still get a great deal of enjoyment out of it. These half-length episodes just blur by, and you can easily watch two episodes in the span of a standard length anime episode, so go ahead and give it a try if you're looking for laughs, or just something different.


It's dopey stoner anime humor. In small doses its really funny although when I tried watching a majority of the series all at once, it wore quite thin. Pretty funny all in all though.