Dai Mahou Touge

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Dai Mahou Touge
Why yes that potato is committing Seppuku
Original Manga
Director/Artist Tsutomu Mizushima
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Studio Barcelona
Episode Length 12
# of Eps/Volumes 8 episodes 4 Omakes


Comedy, Fantasy, Magical Girl

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Dark comedy about a sadistic magical girl princess.

Main Description

Also known as Magical Witch Punie-chan, this is the story of the two-faced, machiavellian future ruler of Magical Land, Tanaka Punie, her unwilling and vengeance driven mascot companion Paya-tan, and their misadventures as she spends a year training on Earth in... high school.

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Personal Opinions


The show has a very dark sense of humor that satirizes the magical girl genre. It crosses the line multiple times with no regrets. If dark humor is your thing, this show delivers.


A fairly entertaining comedy about a magical girl and her loyal, seppeku-prone vegetable minions, among other things. Lasts just long enough to remain funny before it wears thin. Also features the best submission wrestling ever animated.