Daily Lives of High School Boys

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Daily Lives of High School Boys
A.K.A. Nichibros
Original Manga Yasunobu Yamauchi
Director/Artist Shinji Takamatsu
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Sunrise
# of Episodes 12


Comedy, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A slice of life anime about boys instead of girls for once.

Main Description

♪ Ah, we are high school boys, miserable high school boys. If we were girls, we could get popular by doing anything... Rock band, jazz band, karate, kendo, mahjong, cyborg, synchronized swimming... on the other hand, high school boys are useless outside battle and sports anime. But they're recklessly trying to make a slice-of-life anime about us. Ah, we are high school boys, miserable high school boys... ♫

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Personal Opinions

Falls Down Stairs

Pretty damn hilarious and startlingly realistic portrayal of high school life for a comedy anime. Plays realism against slice-of-life anime cliches for laughs.


It's kind of like if Cromartie High School and Gintama had a baby. And that baby was fucking rad.

Robert Denby

Ah, Nichibros. After three episodes that consistently knock just about every gag out of the park, the show settles into being kind of hit-and-miss. Still, when it hits, goddamn does it hit. The characters are an enormous draw. As a lot of people noted on SA, the show seems to focus on characters who otherwise would be relegated to the background and get maybe two lines the whole series. What's more, there's a lot of meta humor to that effect. This is also one of the few Japanese shows where I noticed the voice acting. The cast seems to be having the time of their lives in their respective roles.

One of the biggest draws of this show is how brutally it takes on moe cliches and turns them on their ear with the K-ON spoofing High School Girls Are Funky!. I won't give much away, except to say that these are post-credit sketches that get progressively darker and crazier as the show goes on.


I like this thing mainly because it derives humor from more than just the overused "manzai" routine of "Person A says something stupid in a low voice, Person B overreacts." Also, the director of the Gintama anime (and multiple voice actors from the same show) really helped breathe life into the already amusing lines from the manga. Don't know if there will ever be another season (probably not), but this show was spectacular all the same.


I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time. The jokes ring true to my own high school days and stupid bullshit we used to do; the skits are short enough to not become boring. I laughed, then laughed some more, then grinned like a big dumb idiot. Fantastic stuff.


The only real problem with this anime is that there isn't more of it.