Desert Punk

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Desert Punk
Desert Punk.jpg
Three words: Backpack Rocket Winch
Original Manga Usune Masatoshi
Director/Artist Takayuki Inagaki
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Gonzo
Episode Length 24 min.
# of Eps/Volumes 24 (TV)
13 (Manga) (Ongoing)


Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Set in a future where a nuclear catastrophe has turned the entire island of Japan into an endless wasteland, Desert Punk follows the adventures of the lecherous but highly professional Handyman Guild mercenary Kanta Mizuno, who has earned the nickname "Demon of the Desert" due to his seemingly incredible feats of skill and daring.

Main Description

After an implied nuclear catastrophe turns the entire island of Japan into an endless desert, the surviving people eke out a meager living on the hot sands. One such person is Kanta Mizuno, a member of the Handyman Guild who has earned a legendary reputation for always getting the job done. Relying on his sharp intellect and uncanny good luck as much as his specialist equipment, he completes odd jobs while making new friends and enemies.

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Personal Opinions

Archduke Frantz Fanon

Just finished watching Desert Punk. It's pretty fun for most of it, if you like action shows with a westernish theme. And as I reached the 20th episode I thought to myself "Wow, a Gonzo show that doesn't go down in flames" Hey look at that the last arc is boring, rushed and confusing.


What is there not to like about an amoral, sex-starved, ugly, midget bounty hunter who relies on brains and gadgets? The Gonzo ending and whacky fanservice, but that's about it. Set in an apocalyptic desert future, it's every person for himself in a harsh, unforgiving world where everybody uses any means to get ahead. The completely unforgiving nature of the desert makes for some very memorable episodes by driving home the fact that painful death is always nearby. The worst part about the fanservice is that it could have worked very well in this kind of setting (it would certainly be a weapon to be used like anything else) but is played for *WHACKINESS!* instead.

Desert Punk is presented as a comedy, but the series is at its best when the Id of the human psyche is allowed free action. Those are the episodes you will remember long after the whacky and ecchi have faded. The main character most definitely does *not* have a heart of gold.

Sadly, you get a Gonzo ending. Everything is moving along just fine and then a couple of episode from the end *BAM!* characters are doing things they would have never done in the earlier part of the series and you have no idea what is going on.

That having been said: Desert Punk is still a good watch. I'm going to give this one notch higher than it probably deserves simply because the main character truly is an irredeemable bastard. 3/5