Dragon Ball Z

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Dragon Ball Z
Original Manga Akira Toriyama
Director/Artist Akira Toriyama
Format Anime
Made By Toei Animation
Episode Length 1989-1996
# of Eps/Volumes 291 Episodes


Action, Comedy, Shounen

Sum it up in a Sentence:

The mightiest warriors in the universe collide to control the greatest force of all; the legendary Dragon Balls!

Main Description

Dragon Ball Z is the continuing story of Son Goku, star of the Dragon Ball series, and his numerous battles against foes thousands of times more powerful than any he's confronted before. To protect those he loves Goku battles powerful Saiya-jin warriors, unstoppable alien foes, the intergalactic lord Freeze, futuristic androids, and ultimate evil. Goku is joined by a host of colorful friends, also powerful in their own rights, as well as by his children and former foes like Piccolo and Vegeta.

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Personal Opinions


This is actually an extremely touching show for those who grew up with it and have seen it in Japanese as was intended; most people who have will tell you it's one of their all-time favorites, if they've got the balls to admit it. Myself included. Nowadays it might seem like it isn't worth getting into, especially considering that any boxsets are either of horrendous quality or extremely expensive. Reading the Dragonball manga, however, will always be a good idea. The artist Akira Toriyama is respected as the greatest master at what he does by everybody who is drawing manga in Japan today, and with good reason. Plus with the manga you don't have to worry about the "six episodes in a row of powering up" cliche.


Dragonball Z was a pretty good show, mostly ruined by pacing issues. The series was supposed to be released alongside the manga, but the manga kept getting delayed so the show would have to space out time as much as possible so as not to interfere with the plot. The famous charging up for several episodes portions came about because of this. Definitely try to see the new DBZ Kai set, for this reason. Much of the filler is cut out, to give you the story. The show is mostly a goofy superhoeroes screaming move names at each other kind of show, but it ranges from absolutely silly (Ginyu Force) to downright disturbing (Buu is always eating candy, and the candy comes from... oh...). This show is best seen with some friends, to argue about who can beat up who and whatnot. I wouldn't call it a good show per se, but it's a fun show.


After having watched all subbed 291 episodes of this show the biggest thing I want to say is that everything you've heard about the pacing is absolutely true but, only for the first 200 episodes. At that point the series almost does a complete stylistic 180. Where previously it seemed as though the show was fairly serious it becomes very very humorous in a very unexpected way. There are jokes delivered in the middle of life and death circumstances that had me laughing out loud. The pacing problems all but end here save for possibly some points of the end of Buu. However it's nothing like the end of the Freeza saga. So for someone choosing to watch this show now I would say to make sure they stick with it until the end because it's worth enduring the pacing problems at the beginning just to see the last 91 episodes.