Full Metal Panic

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Full Metal Panic!
Original Novel Series Shoji Gatoh
Director/Artist Koichi Chigira
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Digimation/GONZO
Episode Length 23 minutes
# of Episodes 24


Action, Mecha, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence

"I am a Specialist."

Main Description

Sagara Sousuke has been a mercenary since birth. Now, working for a mysterious counter-terrorism group known only as Mithril, he is assigned as a bodyguard to Chidori Kaname, a seemingly average high school student...

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Personal Opinions


I really enjoyed FMP because I found it refreshing. The characters are likable and not overly angsty, the animation is good, and the plot is well driven. At times it can feel like you're watching a slice-of-life show, but those moments are brief and often serve as comic relief for the more serious plot at hand.


Childish dross. Maybe good if you are a fourteen or younger y.o. boy.