Future Boy Conan

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Future Boy Conan
Director Hayao Miyazaki
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Nippon Animation
Episode Length 25 Minutes
# of Episodes 26



Sum it up in a Sentence

Freakishly strong boy defies all odds to save the first girl he has ever seen.

Main Description

Remnant Island
This anime is an adaptation of Alexander Key's novel The Incredible Tide. It follows the adventure of a boy named Conan, born after a great global war that causes the oceans to rise. He lives on Remnant Island with a man he calls grandfather, the last survivor of a team of scientists who tried to escape Earth in a spaceship during the war.

Their days go by as if they are the last people on Earth, but suddenly a young girl about Conan's age washes up on the shores of their island, surrounded by seagulls. Soon after her arrival, even more people show up, riding in a seaplane, looking for the girl called Lana. Conan's peaceful life is completely shattered, and with his courage and resourcefulness, he leaves Remnant Island to rescue Lana, and makes many friends along the way.

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Hayao Miyazaki

Personal Opinions


Shark Boy Conan
This is a great show, the first episode does a really good job of establishing Conan's motivation. Obviously another love letter to the sea from Miyazaki. This show is full of sailors, and more than a few character development twists I did not see coming at first. Worth watching through a second, third, or even fourth time.