Ga-Rei: Zero

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Ga-Rei: Zero
Garei zero.jpg

The two main characters of Ga-Rei: Zero.

Manga Author Hajime Segawa
Director Ei Aoki
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By Shounen Ace (manga)
AIC Spirits & Asread (anime)
# of Episodes 12
# of Manga Volumes 12


Action, Drama, Horror, Romance

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A romantic horror drama about Pocky and the girls who love it.

Main Description

Ever wondered why you haven't been eaten by the undead yet? This is because Japanese exorcists (in Japan) work tirelessly day and night to fight a secret war against invisible monsters and ghosts that would like nothing better than to rearrange your anatomy. The life of an exorcist is short, terrifying, and often painful. Regardless, exorcists from all parts of society form the thin wavering line against the hordes of the netherworld threatening to bring about doom for the human race (or at least Japan). Within their ranks are young exorcists Yomi and Kagura.

The show is also set about 3 years before the events in the manga that inspired it, with some differences; the final episode of the show ending where the manga starts.


Played by: Kaoru Mizuhara

Forming 0.5 of the Pocky Extermination Squad, Yomi is the adopted child of a prominent clan of exorcists. Despite being not of blood, Yomi displays astonishing talent and skill at both exorcism and swordsmanship, and is hailed as the prodigy of the exorcising society, and considered to be the successor to the leadership of her clan. Contrary to her standing however, Yomi is a cheerful, sometimes frivolous girl; as well as being kind and tender, she helps Kagura with her troubles and grooms her into becoming a worthy exorcist. Yomi also has a fiance by way of an arranged marriage that she even likes. Can life be any more serene and content?


Played by: Minori Chihara

Forming the other half of the Pocky Final Solution, Kagura is the scion of another prominent ghostbusting family. Losing her mother at a young age, Kagura has to cope with grief, a distant father, and the responsibility to train herself into an exorcist worthy of inheriting the great power in her family's keeping - the Sacred Beast (Ga-Rei) Byakuei. Unlike Yomi, Kagura is usually serious about everything. Kagura is also naturally gifted to be an exorcist, unlike Yomi who always had to train hard to reach her present state. Yomi takes Kagura under her wing, and the two become very close.


Paradise Lost - Minori Chihara


Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru - Kaoru Mizuhara

Pointless Triva

  • Minori Chihara and Kaoru Mizuhara are also Minami and Misao respectively from Lucky Star. Minoru "Wa-wa-wasuremono" Shirashi also stars in the show.
  • There are 2 ED animations for the show. The 2nd one takes place after a certain... pivotal plot point in the show.

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Personal Opinions

Amateurs! - Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Hire a REAL exorcist!


Lots of good stuff fitted in 12 episodes. I really have no gripes for this series as it's pretty solid with undead-slaying action, heartstring-tugging story, and even fits in some comedy between all the agents and their duties. The series got me interested enough to read the manga afterwards and honestly, I don't know how readers are supposed to get a lot of the stuff that's going on (at first) without watching this "prequel." Anyway, I hope they animate more of the main Ga-Rei in the future if it's handled like this series. --Willsun 09:39, 26 May 2011 (UTC)