Gamble Fish

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Gamble Fish
Original Manga Aoyama Hiromi (writer)
Director/Artist Yamane Kazutoshi (artist)
Format Manga
Made By Weekly Shonen Champion
Episode Length NA
# of Eps/Volumes 15


Drama, Psychological

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Super-gambler fights evil goblin and his minions in tests of courage, also gains harem along the way.

Main Description

A new student named Tomu transfers into a prestigious elite academy, where he is picked on by the richer crowd until he takes their money in a few gambling games and earns some respect. Soon enough, he finds himself facing the comically-evil Abidani as he sends evil minion after minion to challenge him and his friends in games of chance that sometimes involve the threat of humiliation, injury and/or death. Can Tomu defeat the evil Abidani and find out the truth of his own father? Probably, but read on to find out how!

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Personal Opinions


Abidani alone makes this manga more hilarious than it should be, but the mind-games with one's life and limb on the line also provide a good source of entertainment. Also, Tomu is a pimp. Give it a shot.