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The King of Braves
Original Manga
Director/Artist Yoshitomo Kometani
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Sunrise
Episode Length 25 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 52
Last in the line of 'Yuusha' (Brave) series made by Sunrise, and boy howdy what a finale.


Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha

Sum it up in a Sentence

The secret paramilitary defence organisation 3G (Gutsy Geoid Guard) protect the earth from the alien-machine Zonder menace with the help of the cyborg Shishio Guy, a boy with a mysterious power; Mamoru, and Guy's giant robot; GaoGaiGar.

Main Description

In 2005 (lol), a race of hostile aliens called Zonders start to launch a series of attacks on the city of Tokyo from their base undernearth Tokyo Tower, using living biometal called Zonder Metal to transform the populace into half-machines that can cannibalise other machines for parts and build them into giant weapons. The only people capable of stopping them are the secret fight force 3G, and their giant gestalt robot GaoGaiGar, and supported by the schoolchild Mamoru Amami, who is the only person capable of turning a Zonder Hybrid back into a human without killing them. GaoGaiGar's pilot, Guy Shishio, is a former astronaut who was nearly killed two years previously when his shuttle was hit by the descending Zonderian spaceship, but was saved when the robotic lion Galeon brought him back to his shuttle and guided it back to earth. Guy's father, Leo Shishio, then used Galeon's technology to heal Guy, at the expense of turning him into a Cyborg, and built a whole technology around Galeon, allowing Guy to merge and transform with Galeon into the robot GaiGar, and five support machines based around transportation, which when combined with GaiGar allow Guy to become the King of Braves, GaoGaiGar.

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Personal Opinions


It's very hard for me to be objective about this, since GaoGaiGar is absolutely my favourite anime series, but I'll try. The show starts off very typical and slightly disappointing; monster-of-the-week is defeated by ultimate special attack, everyone goes home. At about episode 15 though, the show changes, removing some of the more kiddy elements and becoming a much more serious show (albeit still one about giant robots killing machines by shouting special attacks until they die) and God damn is it glorious, shedding the monster-of-the-week cocoon and becoming a beautoful plot-driven butterfly. About this point the rest of the 'real' cast (i.e. the other robots :V) are introduced, the Zonders start coming into their own as something more than just shady charaters who say a few lines then disappear, and the 3G support personell really start to grow on you. About this time you'll also realise how good the voice cast are at their job. Seperately the things that make this show great are utterly ridiculous, but Sunrise put them all together and it makes one of the greatest shows ever.

The best thing I can say about this series, simply, is that it made me feel like a kid again, watching bright shiny cartoons on Saturday morning. There's nothing else like it. I can't talk about anything past episode 30 without major spoilers, but you owe it to yourself to watch this show if you like giant robot series even a little bit.


I honestly can't put it any better than Pierson did. It's an awesome show, but it doesn't exactly go from run-of-the-mill kiddy robot show to awesome glorious king of braves over the course of one episode. If you can't stand the start of the show, you probably won't like it that much more in the end. It gets awesome but it doesn't turn into some profound piece of discourse or anything like that. If you like robots with drills on them, you will like this show. At its center it's really just about screaming random english words and tearing the enemy robot's heart out with your bare hands. Love of this show comes from the heart.