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Director Yoshitomo Kometani
Format Anime (OVA)
Made By Sunrise
Episode Length 30-50 minutes
# of Episodes 8
The final mythology of our heroes from GaoGaiGar and one hell of an epic ride.


Mecha, Sci-Fi, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence

GaoGaiGar continues with more powerful robots, stronger enemies, more burning spirit, and higher animation quality.

Main Description

It is the near future after the events of the TV series. GGG is using their resources to battle a criminal organization known as BioNet, with the help of the French organization Chasseur, which includes a female cyborg named Renais who uses a G-stone like Guy, and two complimenting "light and dark" female robots in the same vein as HyoRyu and EnRyu. Mamoru comes back to earth in search of strange relics called Q-parts, but he is acting strangely; Mamoru is willing to hurt people as it is justified by his goals of "saving the universe", and his child friend Hana sees him fighting with fellow good guy from space, Kaidou. What exactly is going on?

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Personal Opinions


This is even cooler than the original series. It's awesome, and it's loaded with Guy's raging courage, which is the only thing the show needs. But it's also notably darker than GaoGaiGar was. You'll probably notice that before the first episode is over. And some occasional ecchi/fanservice stuff which probably would have felt out of place were it found in the longer TV series.


GaoGaiGar grew up, dropped the repetition, and somehow became bigger, better and more outrageously awesome in every conceivable way. FINAL is an extremely ambitious sequel to a show that was designed to sell toys, and sits with Gurren Lagann at the top of a long tradition of mecha shows that feature men in combining robots shouting attack names at each other. Everything is huge in scale, every character scorching hot blooded, and every villain utterly despicable. Highly recommended.


If you liked GaoGaiGar there is essentially no reason not to watch this. If you haven't watched GaoGaiGar before watching this then you are a bad person who should go back and finish GaoGaiGar.