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Director Ryousuke Takahashi
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Sunrise
Episode Length 25 Minutes
# of Episodes 25


Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Sum it up in a Sentence

Gowa Heavy Industries company deploys bipedal weapons platforms to invade Belgistan, suspected of developing a new weapon of mass destruction.

Main Description

Yushiro Gowa is a test pilot for prototype mechs know as Tactical Armors (TAs) engineered by Gowa Heavy Industries. The company is centered around the Gowa family which has ties back to feudal Japan.

Gowa Heavy Industries is able to test its TAs in live combat, called to do so when the United States fails to occupy a city in the nation of Belgistan. There is reason to believe the Belgistan forces also have weapons similiar to TAs, since they are able to completely rout modern tanks in every engagement.

All of these events are centered around a strange ritual known as the Dance of Gasara, conducted in the first episode at a location known as The Stage of Stone.

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Ryousuke Takahashi

Personal Opinions


I saw this years before watching VOTOMS. The series starts out interesting but quickly becomes mired in plot twists. It attempts to be philosophical and political, which it partially succeeds at, but the character development seems mostly centered around plot exposition. The TAs are in the spirit of the VOTOMS ATs bipedal robots. TAs are obviously more expensive and sophisticated than ATs, because Gasaraki takes place in contemporary or near present day Earth, unlike VOTOMS which was the worn in future style, similiar to the original Star Wars trilogy. Due to plot devices their awesomeness diminishes over time, and at one point the series pulls us out of the main plot thread in order to provide more exposition. Further more our protagonist Yushiro is a typical young pilot, but at the very least his goals and motivation are clearly defined. He's definitely not Chirico.