Genesis Climber Mospeada

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Genesis Climber Mospeada

Original Manga
Director/Artist Kazuhiro Takamura
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Artmic/Tatsunoko Production
Episode Length 22 min.
# of Eps/Volumes 25


Mecha, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Dudes on an alien over-run earth try to take it back with motorcycles that are also power-armor... and jets that turn into robots.

Main Description

In 2050 the Inbit invade and conquer the Earth. Years go by and despite failures, the Mars Colony send out another force to try and reclaim Earth. The fleet is defetted but one survivor, Stig Bernard, lands on Earth. Stig and a others he meets along the way move toward the Inbit's headquarters at Reflex Point to gather intelligence and assault it.

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Personal Opinions


While I was entertained by the series there were a number of problems with it. The fore most amongst them was, like other series that came out at about the same time, it had a gigantic amount of filler that did nothing for the series. Very little time was spent on what the Inbit were through out the series and only got highlighted in the last three or four episodes. The Legioss, the series main mecha, seemed more of a weight around the neck of the characters instead of a boon. Especially since the resilience of the Inbit shifted wildly throughout the show from being nearly indestructible in the beginning to where a MOSPEADA blaster could take out a second form later.

The animation was much better than Macross' but that isn't saying much. The characters themselves are fun and well designed by Yoshitaka Amano. They were generally likable except for a single episode in middle of the series where I guess the writers remembered they needed angst and decided to get it over with in one shot, having the characters freak out one at a time. The ending has me kind of split. The end battle and resolution of the series was wholly unsatisfying; the epilogue was. As a whole the series really isn't worth sitting through unless you really want to see the other side of Robotech: The New Generation or are a large mecha fan.

Also Yellow would totally kick Minmay's ass.