Ghost Stories

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Ghost Stories

Original Manga
Director/Artist Noriyuki Abe
Format Anime (TV)
Made By ADV
Episode Length
# of Eps/Volumes 20


Comedy, Fantasy, Recommended Dub

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A cliche anime about kids dealing with ghosts, turned into a comedy with a joke dub.

Main Description

Ghost Stories tells the tale of Satsuki Miyanoshita, who moves with her family to the hometown of her deceased lesbian mother. On her first day of school, Satsuki; her mentally challenged younger brother Keiichirou; their neighbor Hajime Aoyama; Momoko Koigakubo, a jew; and Reo Kakinoki, an evangelical christian, visit the abandoned school building adjacent the current school complex and discover that the building is haunted.

It is soon after revealed that Satsuki's mother was responsible for sealing several ghosts who haunted not only the school but also the town, and now they are released due to the urbanization taking place in the surrounding area. Satsuki's mother left behind a poorly written book detailing how to exorcise the ghosts once and for all. In her first confront, Satsuki faces a demon called Amanojaku, but in the process Amanojaku is sealed within Satsuki's pet cat, Kaya. Although Amanojaku does not want to help Satsuki at first, the danger soon threatens to envelop the town and it is left up to Satsuki, her friends and Amanojaku to stop the ghosts.

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Personal Opinions


I personally found the series to be quite humorous. The dubbers make fun of everything including the crappy elements of the original series like the horrible animation, and the creepy fanservice involving an elementary student. Sometimes, they overuse jokes about the Evangelical christian and the Jew, but overall the show is quite enjoyable. Also, make sure not to get the more faithful to the original Animax translation


Make sure to get the joke dub version because the joke English dub is the ONLY (I repeat ONLY) reason that makes this show worth watching. The joke (ADV Dub) version is absolutely hilarious, since the dubbers decide to scrap the original script entirely and make something really tongue and cheek to make fun of the original works. The original works is pretty bad for the reasons IShallRiseAgain mentioned, and the dubbers really seemed to enjoyed making fun of it. Another point I must stress is that the original version is pretty much unwatchable, because it's almost like a really bad and cheesey rip of Scooby-Doo with a really unfitting OP and ED. Seriously the dub for this is hilariously awesome, some examples include instead of saying "She is beautiful", the dubbers changed it to "giggity giggity", changing one of the character's mother into a lesbian, and changing a character to a Jew with an inferiority complex, and the joke dub breaks the fourth wall A LOT. The last thing I should mention about the joke dub is that most of the script is ad-libbed, meaning that the English VAs were literally making up stuff as they go while recording, which makes the joke dub even more awesome.