Golgo 13

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Golgo 13

Original Manga
Director/Artist Shunji Oga
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Answer Studio Company
Episode Length 22 min.
# of Eps/Volumes 50


Action, Suspense

Sum it up in a Sentence:

The perfect assassin (and man) shoots people in the head and has sex with copious amounts of women, occasionally at the same time.

Main Description

Golgo 13, also known as Duke Togo is world's greatest assassin. No one knows his real name. No one knows his past. But for the right price, his services can be bought. Killing your business opponent? Sure. Killing the guy who killed your wife? Sure. Shooting down SCUDS during the Gulf War? Sure. Shooting through contested ballets in Florida during the 2000 United States Presidential Primary? Sure.

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Personal Opinions

Daryl Surat

I still can't fully accept that it's gone. These last three years have been plentiful as far as providing me with Golgo 13, be it from the Viz manga or the new anime series. And those past years have been uplifting in showing me the grandly awesome adventures of Duke Togo as he consistently and reliably sexes up the ladies and then shoots everyone (usually including said ladies). But at the same time, they've been terribly depressing in the harsh revelation that absolutely nobody else besides myself and a few other cares one bit about Golgo 13. Nobody I know besides myself bought the whole manga or watched the whole anime. Oh well.

In the 80s, we got one Golgo 13 animated movie which is the only Golgo 13 movie. In the 90s we got one Golgo 13 OAV which is the only Golgo 13 OAV. Now, ten years later, we got one Golgo 13 TV series which will probably the only one of its kind. Will I survive another ten years to see the next Golgo 13 production (what anime medium is left, officially made Internet animations)? Or will G13 put a bullet in my head for trying to find out too much about him?

I guess I'd better update the Golgo 13 thread that only I post in one last time.