Great Teacher Onizuka

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Great Teacher Onizuka
Original Manga Tohru Fujisawa
Director/Artist Naoyasu Hanyu & Noriyuki Abe
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Studio Pierrot
Episode Length 27 minutes
# of Episodes/Volumes 43 (Anime)
25 (Manga)


Comedy, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence

Former bike gang leader decides to become a teacher to pick up high school girls but instead ends up using his ridiculous strength and unique outlook to individually help the troubled students in his class.

Main Description

After leaving his life as a gang member, Onizuka decides it is his goal to become the greatest teacher ever. He is hired as a middle school teacher and put in charge of the worst class in the school. The students constantly try to either get Onizuka fired or force him to quit, but he is always one step ahead or just too stupid to care.He tries his best to win over his students one craaaazy adventure at a time.

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Personal Opinions

Scruffy the Janitor

This is probably one of the funniest animes I've ever seen. The animation of the faces at certain moments of surprise/awe/whatever are pretty unique to the series and always good for a laugh.


One of the few anime series that has genuinly made me laugh out loud. Most of the humor comes from Onizuka himself, a former delinquent tasked with teaching a class full of delinquents. Onizuka's 'unique' way of teaching and dealing with his students problems is great fun to watch. The students themselves start out being unlikable pricks, but get plenty of character development throughout the series and end up being just as likable as Onizuka himself.

The only problem I have with the series is that it's a bit too long for its own good. A lot of the episodes near the end of the seires are filler, and although they're good for a laugh or two, they pale in comparison to the earlier episodes based of the manga. It's still a great show though, and the ending makes up for the drop in quality of some later episodes.