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Original Manga Moyoco Anno
Director/Artist Katsumi Ono
Format Anime (TV)
Episode Length 23 Minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 11


Drama, Romance, Seinen

Sum it up in a Sentence

Hataraki-man follows an intensely driven young professional as she carries any and all burdens for her magazine, leaving little of herself left for sleep, romance, or a proper meal.

Main Description

Plot Synopsis

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Personal Opinions


This is the working man/woman’s anime. The kind of personal/professional frustration and inner conflict explored in this series may not be fully appreciated by any outside of a deadline driven office culture (including me), but this show pays great tribute to what might often be dismissed as mundane. Hiro is admirable, ambitious, empathetic, and extraordinarily real. Her successes come at considerable personal cost, and have precious few people to appreciate them. But can she/should she give her job anything less than her very best?

Watching this made me think of how life is largely built on the sacrifices, the sorted priorities, you choose to make, some of which being particularly difficult. I don’t think the show offered any means to really reconcile it all (perhaps you can’t), but I certainly did not expect Hataraki-man to provoke me to contemplate life. I wouldn't recommend you marathon it, but it’s a very worthwhile watch.


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