Heroic Age

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Heroic Age

Original Manga
Director/Artist Toshimasa Suzuki
Format Anime (TV)
Episode Length
# of Eps/Volumes 12


Mecha, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A boy who can turn into Space Godzilla helps a princess perform twelve Herculean labors in... OUTER SPACE

Main Description

A mystical race known as the "Golden Tribe" give power to a bunch of other alien tribes, as well as giving them commandments/ labors. One such is humanity, whose home planet gets taken over by another tribe. They go on to find a human who can turn into Space Godzilla and conquer the other races.

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Personal Opinions

Gherkin Jerkin

This is going to sound odd that I mention this first, but the soundtrack for this show is simply fantastic. It sells the whole space opera theme really well and has one of the best OPs in recent memory. The series starts out promising, but it has a tendency to drag along for episodes at a time without much action or story development. The action, when present, is decent enough, but most fights are anticlimactic and repetitive. Pacing is very much an issue. All in all I enjoyed the series. I have a feeling that if I knew more Greek mythology, I might have enjoyed it more. 4/5


That fucking same character designer as Gundam SEED fucking uugh. It's a very mediocre anime about a guy who can turn into a space alien monster godzilla fighting alien races. It also explicitly encourages genocide because God tells you to. It's kind of dull and dumb, in my opinion!