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Original Manga Stan Lee (Concept), Tamon Ohta
Director/Artist Hitoshi Nanba
Format Anime (TV)
Episode Length 30 Minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 26 of 26


Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A boy's toy gets struck by lightning, which turns it into a giant robot, and action and adventure ensues.

Main Description

Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee and Eureka 7's production company BONES, presents: HEROMAN

Center City, West Coast, USA.

Joey, an aspiring superhero, was working hard and living happily with his grandmother. One day he finds an abandoned toy and fixes it. He names it "Heroman". One evening a lightning hits Joey's home. The electric sparks surround the toy robot, and Joey witnesses the birth of "Heroman".

Meanwhile, the mysterious "Scrug" started to invade the Earth.

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Personal Opinions


I liked this show rather more than I was expecting. It's not brilliant, and it doesn't really make you think, but then it never really tries to be anything other than what it is: solid, mindless fun. It's also very well animated, has a really good soundtrack and some excellent fights, not to mention the most sympathetic and realistic depiction of America that I've seen in anime. The plot is very simple, and the characters, while not very dynamic, I found to be likable in their own way, and none of them seemed to be completely braindead, and that's always nice. However, there are parts in the middle where it gets a bit muddled about what it wants to do, and it makes great set ups that go nowhere. The themes don't really go beyond the surface, you can sum up most of the characters with a sentence, and the ending banks on potential of a continuing series, which I have never liked. But all in all it has a charming innocence about the whole thing which kept me watching and sincerely enjoy doing so, even if in some ways it does shit all over itself. Because of that, it never really rises in quality very far beyond "pretty good," but you know what? That's all right. At least it's trying something new and different as opposed to the legion of shounen and shoujo clones cluttering the market. So, if you're reeling from all the dark and serious, thought provoking shows of such head-crushing depth that your brain starts leaking out your ears, this is for you.


The show had a lot of potential to be entertaining, but unfortunately turns out to be pretty boring. Pretty much all of the characters are one-dimensional and uninteresting, and are all basically cliche American high school stereotypes. The protagonist of the story is kind of spineless, and it seems the only reason he is the main character is because he can summon the robot that actually saves the day. BONES working with Stan Lee sounds like a great idea, but all it meant was that the show had a bunch of comic book cliches as well as anime cliches. I never ended up finishing the show, so it might get better later on, but what I saw of the show was unimpressive. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't very good either.