Highschool of the Dead

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Highschool of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead.jpg

Rei Miyamoto featured on the cover of vol. 1 of the manga.

Manga Author Daisuke Sato (author), Shouji Sato (artist)
Director Tetsuro Araki
Format Anime (TV), Anime (OVA), Manga
Made By Monthly Dragon Age (manga), Madhouse (anime)
# of Episodes 13
# of OVAs 1
# of Manga Volumes 7


Action, Horror

Sum it up in a Sentence

A band of high school students in Japan fight a zombie apocalypse with tons of fanservice.

Main Description

With no explanation, Japan (and subsequently the world) experiences the spread of a zombie epidemic where those infected hunger and bite living human beings to turn victims into one of "them." The story starts at the high school of the main character Takashi as he coincidentally sees the outbreak enter his school while he skips class. He then meets friends and survivors as they escape the growing number of zombies together. From his high school, he teams up with his childhood friend Rei who is a skilled spear martial artist, classmate Saya who is from a prestigious family and self-proclaimed genius, gun-crazy and nerdy Kohta, skilled kendo club member Saeko, and school nurse Shizuka. They also eventually meet and rescue a young girl named Alice.

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Personal Opinions


Very good zombie action. The series is jam-packed full of fanservice though that at times you'd think you were watching something about giant bouncing balls. But if you can deal with that and love zombie survival stuff, this is the show for you!


Decent, yet unfinished zombie survival series, don't expect an ending or closure in the anime or manga. Contains quite possibly the most ridiculous fanservice shot ever seen, think bullet + breasts. Watch it for the stylish zombie action.