Humanity Has Declined

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Humanity Has Declined
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Director/ Seiji Kishi
Format Anime (TV)
Made By AIC
# of Episodes 12


Comedy, Fantasy

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Creepy/cute Diskworld style fables about fairies that love everything sweet and stupid and are taking over the world.

Main Description

The modern world has regressed to an anime europe with a declining population of anime stupid people, and in humanity's place a mysterious race of fairies have taken over. The show follows an unnamed UN mediator between humans and fairies, and each story is about her getting into some kind of satirical danger due to fairy magic.

Other recurring characters include The Mediator's grandfather, who's basically there to make The Mediator feel bad about her mistakes, and Assistant, a boy in a Hawaiian shirt who manages to be hugely helpful without ever saying a word.

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Personal Opinions

The Devil Tesla

This show has a wonderfully twisted personality, translating vague but recognizable paranoia about the modern world into a grab bag of stories animated with this beautiful, impressionistic look. Not every story works, but even when it screws up it's well worth watching.

This is one of those shows that messes with the timeline in order to end on the best story. I didn't end up loving this show until the last four episodes, which do the best job at exploiting the uniqueness of the setting. My recommended order, though I expect everyone else who has watched the show has a different opinion, and note that most of the show is two part episodes with the exception of two one-parters:

  • 1-2: Kind of a weak story, but does a good job of getting you into the setting without over explaining it and has some of the best scenes.
  • 10: A first day on the job story, but a good one.
  • 5-6: Skippable, but worth a watch.
  • 7-8: Backstory on the Assistant, put here so you know who they are but you still see them afterwards.
  • 3-4: Probably the worst episodes, but they introduce a character important to the finale, and it would probably have been jarring if they just poped up later without any warning.
  • 9: Basically the same story as 10 but still really good.
  • 11-12: First chronologically, but it does make sense as an ending.


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