Hunter x Hunter

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Hunter x Hunter
Original Manga Yoshihiro Togashi
Director/Artist Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By Nippon Animation
Episode Length 22 minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 62+8+8+14 (Anime)
23+ (Manga, ongoing)


Action, Shounen

Sum it up in a Sentence

Kid tries to follow his father's footsteps by getting qualified as a 'Hunter' - a licensed badass with special privileges which requires overcoming a highly competitive series of tests. He meets some friends along the way, and the show tracks the Kid's progress in tracking down his father, generally getting waylaid by ridiculous challenges.

Main Description

Gon is a cheerful boy whose life takes a sudden turn when he's rescued by an adventurer, who tells him about the legendary Hunters. When informed that his missing father Ging Freaks is one of the greatest Hunters ever, he decides to take the Hunter Exam and follow in his footsteps. Notable characters include Killua, the son of a mighty assassin clan. Hunter x Hunter follows the basic shounen template of young men fighting evil, learning new moves, becoming stronger, then fighting more evil.

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Personal Opinions


The best shounen series ever made, though still technically not finished. There is now a new adaption of this series "Hunter x Hunter 2011" that starts from the very beginning and has now progressed quite a decent way past the original from 1999. Both are truly excellent. The latest adaption is more faithful to the manga and has better animation, and all of the episodes continuing from where the previous iteration ended are spectacular. The original on the other hand had better music and in my opinion, voice-actors. My rose-tinted glasses aside for the original series, the best choice would probably be to choose the latest series and stick with it.

The story is the coming of age of an incredibly naive, stubborn and almost amoral child. The show routinely subverts tropes of the genre, and is just in general a thoroughly rewarding watch. If you ever wanted to watch a show that is ostensibly aimed at children yet contains a scene where a person is slowly eaten while being unable to die, watch this show.


Purely awesome shounen show with the best sense of adventure I've yet encountered in the genre. I prefer this to the more famous Naruto and Bleach, partly because there's no filler.


Wonderful adventure shounen show. The best part, though, is the ridiculously in-depth system that all the characters' magical abilities are based on, called Nen. It's as complex as the kind of system you typically find in a really well crafter role playing game, with many details covered. It really goes a long way towards explaining how the same system can let one character uses Nen to create invisible, sticky threads of spirit energy to trap someone, and another person uses Nen to create a magic gauntlet-like set of chains that he uses to crush his opponents internal organs. It puts the chakra system from Naruto to shame. It's really fun if you like getting into the inner workings of magic and supernatural abilities.


It started out as a decent shounen series. Unfortunately, the author suffered from some sort of illness which led to a serious decline in quality and very long breaks between chapters.