Inazuma Eleven

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Inazuma Eleven
It's super dimensional soccer!
Original Manga N/A
Director/Artist Katsuhito Akiyama
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Level-5
Episode Length 24 minutes
# of Episodes 127


Sum it up in a sentence

A ridiculous sports anime with character development and more surprises than the Layton series.

Main Description

The energetic Raimon middle schooler Endou Mamoru really loves soccer. It's too bad that the rest of his team doesn't really care as much. Initially four members short of a full team, only Endou really believes his team will take part in the Football Frontier, a big time middle school-level soccer tournament in Japan. Well, that all changes when one Gouenji Shuuya, a person who inadvertently showed his soccer prowess to Endou, transfers to Raimon. Endou, being the gigantic soccer nerd he is, tries to get Gouenji to join his taped-together soccer team. However, having a previous trauma related to soccer, Gouenji will have none of that and refuses every one of Endou's requests. Of course Gouenji eventually joins, he practically joins by the end of the second episode. However despite Gouenji's prowess at kicking balls and Endou's exceptional ball catching skills, the Raimon soccer team requires 100% teamwork to earn their victories. Real teamwork, none of that "main character uses his 'friends' as a power source" crap.

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Personal Opinions

Level Slide

This isn't Zeta Gundam. It isn't Legend of the Galactic Heroes either. Shit, it doesn't even pass the standardized three episode test, but Inazuma Eleven is a ridiculously entertaining sports series with alot of heart. This being a product of Level-5, the emphasis leans more on "ridiculous". While the revelations aren't quite as convoluted as the Layton series, there will still be points where Inazuma Eleven would be expecting a scant bit too much from your suspension of disbelief. A notable example that happens throughout the series is the complete absence of any flags. Perhaps soccer is different when it's super-dimensional. But what makes this series different is the surprising amount of character depth and development. By 13th episode you'll definitely care for Endou, his team, and his goal. All of his team, all 40-something members that come and go and come again. It takes a certain something to cram so many characters into one show and keep it fun regardless. Essentially, Inazuma Eleven is a shonen action series done right. Check it out, the most negative opinion anyone could have of the show itself is complete indifference.