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Original Manga
Director/Artist Masaaki Yuasa
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Madhouse
Episode Length
# of Eps/Volumes 12


Sci-Fi, Romance

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A very trippy show both visually and story-wise; explores the relation between love and identity.

Main Description

In a world nothing like our own, a man with no memory and a giant hole in his chest awakens in the slums. The world he awakens in shares almost no resemblance to ours. In this alien universe memories can be turned into data and transfered to new bodies, making true death something only the destitute routinely experience.

The viewer shares in the amnesiac man's confusion as he explores the meanings of identity and love in a world where the form of something is no longer analogous to its substance. The deceptively simple and trippy art direction adopted by Madhouse for the series goes a long way towards helping immerse the view in the world of Kaiba.

If You Liked This, You Might Like...

  • Mind Game -- Often seen as this director's quintessential work.
  • Ghost in the Shell -- Both focus heavily on exploring exactly what defines a person when bodies are something transient.
  • The Tatami Galaxy -- Newer series by the same director. If Kaiba's art style is driving you nuts, then try this.

Personal Opinions


A very competent anime with a very unique sense of style. The first few episodes are intentionally confusing, since the theme is the perils of a society with huge issues of memory, identity, and the commercialization of both.

But stick it out and you'll be rewarded with a quite sensible sci-fi story that puts its heart in the right place.

Overall 4/5


Trippy, awesome. 5/5.


A very weird anime in almost every possible way. Don't let the slow-paced first episode mislead you, stuff happens in this show, even if you're not sure what. One of my top 5 shows.


The first few episodes are confusing as hell, but thankfully they more than make up for it in entertainment value. Don't let the simplistic art style fool you, this is a show with a whole lot going on under the surface. Also, about halfway through the series the opening will suddenly become fucking genius. A must watch for sure.


Make sure you give it a few episode test. It starts off nearly incomprehensible, in medias res and without any sort of major setting building. But then they slowly reveal the world to you, as the protagonist himself learns about the world incidentally. And it turns out awesome. The art style is actually great and really fits with the story, and they do some amazing shit with it when necessary. Amazing show that you should probably watch. And yes, that opening is something that will grow on you.