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This is the least pedo image I could find.
Original Manga Hideyuki Kurata & Koji Masunari
Director/Artist Koji Masunari
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Brains Base
Episode Length 24 min.
# of Eps/Volumes 16


Slice of Life, Fantasy, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence

Middle school girl becomes a god, finds it a minor inconvenience.

Main Description

Yurie Hitotsubashi is just your average middle school girl, devoting most of her worries to exams and that weird boy she has a crush on. Then she becomes a God overnight. And... she's still mostly worried about exams and boys, but now she also has to deal with the supernatural world and her duties as a god. Yurie also draws the attention of the local Shinto shrine, represented by her bossy classmate Matsuri, who want to replace their less than inspiring current God with Yurie.

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Personal Opinions

Food Court Druid

This is a show that aspires to nothing more than being a cute slice-of-life comedy with a sprinkling of Shinto mythology, and does so just about perfectly. It's a funny show with likeable characters and it's immensely easy to watch. The supernatural elements could have been integrated better with the everyday slice-of-life parts but for the most part this is a good watch.


Kamichu is an astonishingly cute show with an absolutely adorable main character. I found it pretty relaxing to watch and there's only two or three bad episodes to be found. It's easy to watch and overall inoffensive in any way except that it seems like every couple of episodes the animators spent a little too much time focusing on drawing asses, but it's not really sexualized, only a little weird. And the opening and ending songs are really good, too.


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