Kanon (2006)

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Kanon (2006)
To the right is your source of every and all uguus.
Written By Key
Director Tatsuya Ishihara
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Kyoto Animation
# of Episodes 24


Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance

Sum it up in a Sentence

High school senior reconnects with five female friends he hasn't seen since he was ten-years-old.

Main Description

Seventeen-year-old Yuuichi returns to the town where he spent his school vacations seven years ago. Living with his aunt and cousin, he attends his final year of high school in the snowy town. Naturally, Yuuichi runs into several of his childhood friends; but for some reason, he remembers very little about them, even his own cousin! Things get even more complicated when it turns out his friends' memories are tarnished as well. It doesn't take long to get suspicious of Yuuichi's memory loss. Is it really just the result of the natural wear and tear of time? What exactly happened the last time he was in town?

This iteration of Kanon is a remake of the original 2002 Kanon anime produced by Toei Animation, based on Key's popular visual novel.

The girls of Kanon.

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Personal Opinions

Dan a man

Kyoto Animation fails to disappoint; Kanon is a great show. I have to admit that I was unsure about the show after the first several episodes. It was funny enough, but I just wasn't really getting into it. However, I just fell in love with the show after a few more episodes. The main reason I'm saying this is that, just in case you're unsure about the show after a three-episode-test, please give it the benefit of the doubt. It gets really good. The cast of characters, their back stories, and their interactions with Yuuichi are all top notch and make for one very engrossing show.


The thing that most attracted me to this series was the fact it had 'Kyon' from Haurhi in it. So I watched this series. And what I found was a series which slowly and methodically rips apart the characters and details them out exactly. The main character, who's name I can never remember, but I will forever dub !Kyon provides the same sense of inbred sublte voice over to most of the actions. He meets along his path many women and learns their secrets as they reveal unto him his own secret past.

I would honestly Say Kanon is my pick of 2007. For the last few episodes I had proper tears in my eyes as the situations that was created presented itself to it's obvious conclusion. The presentation of Kanon and all it's associated back story is one of my favourite things of the last year.

Keyboard Kid

Kanon has a great mix of lighthearted comedy and drama mixed in with fantasy elements and a wonderful atmosphere. The animation from KyoAni is top notch, the music is pretty good, and the characters really grow on you. Having separate arcs for each girl really seems cliche and unsatisfying, especially coming from a visual novel 'dating game', but Kanon pulls it off well without spending too much time on any character, and without completely throwing them out of the show once they're done. The ending is superb, and really wraps everything up perfectly. Even when I rewatched it knowing what would happen, the drama still hit me hard.

Don't avoid Kanon because it's an adaptation of a harem VN, because you didn't like Air or Clannad (I think it's better than both of them), or because the faces are drawn out of proportion. The comedy factor is quite high in the opening episodes before the plot settles in. Kanon is near the top of my favorite anime, and is one of the absolute best shows of 06/07. The 2006 remake is much better than the original Toei-produced 2002 anime, which looks fucking terrible and has half the time for the same story.


I really enjoyed this series. Although it follows the same general structure as a harem anime, the character development and overall plot were original and well executed in my opinion. The humor and drama elements mixed exceptionally well, partly due to the excellent production in terms of the English cast. Chris Patton portrays Yuuichi's sarcasm and overall demeanor in a very believable way. For me, the high point in the series was the Makoto arc, however the story before and after is of equally high quality. My only real issue with the show is the deus ex machina style ending, however it follows the plot well enough. Don't let the odd character proportions turn you off, this is an excellent series for fans of both comedy and drama.


When this show isn't making you cry (and you will), the main guy is sarcastic, funny, and asks the same questions the audience wants. KyoAni's takes on Key's series are pretty darned good. --Willsun 10:09, 8 June 2011 (UTC)