Kids on the Slope

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Kids on the Slope
Kids on the Slope.jpg
Original Manga Yuki Kodama
Director Shinichiro Watanabe
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Magazine Flowers
Made By MAPPA, Tezuka Productions
# of Episodes 12
# of Manga Volumes 9 + 1 extra edition


Drama, Romance

Sum it up in a Sentence

A studious piano player and carefree drummer learn about life and friendship through jazz in the 60s.

Main Description

Set in the 60s, privileged and studious Kaoru Nishimi moves to Kyushu to start in a new school. Pressured by family expectations and isolated from his father due to his father's work, Kaoru grew up introverted and shy. At his new school, Kaoru meets and befriends the big and tall "delinquent" Sentaro Kawabuchi, who seems to have the opposite personality from Kaoru. Although unlikely friends, they slowly become connected through their shared love of jazz; mostly through introducing Kaoru to the genre. The two then continue through the school year while facing coming-of-age romance, bullying, and family acceptance all the while pursuing the excellence of jazz.

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Personal Opinions


A real excellent drama and romance. The hype about Watanabe being the director paired with music by Yoko Kanno was justified because they both work so well together to create such good ambiance even when there is no dialog. I mean, if you liked the jazz in Cowboy Bebop, you'd want Yoko Kanno to head the music in a series about jazz too. It's just sad that Kids on the Slope only had half a season, but I'm also glad it wasn't dragged on, or else the bittersweet ending would end up disappointing and lose some of its weight. Anyway, if you want a series that executes the type of love, free-form happiness, and down-on-your-luck heartache that jazz can make you experience, this one does it wonderfully.