Kill la Kill

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Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill.jpg
Directed By Hiroyuki Imaishi
Written By Kazuki Nakashima
Format Anime
Made By Trigger
# of Episodes 24


Action, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A girl wants revenge on her father's murderer using a giant scissor blade and a magical sailor uniform.

Main Description

Ryuko Matoi is a schoolgirl who transfers to Honnoji Academy in search of clues for her father's murderer. Armed with her giant scissors blade longsword, she immediately demands answers from the student council president, Satsuki Kiryunin, who sits at the top of the violence-dominated school. The school, however, is filled with bloodthirsty students who are bestowed with special uniforms called Goku Uniforms that grant superhuman abilities. The more stars a uniform is ranked, the more powerful and dangerous it and the wearer becomes. Ryuko is easily overpowered by Satsuki's underlings who wear these uniforms, and returns to her father's grave after her subsequent defeat and brutal beating. She then stumbles upon a sentient uniform named Senketsu that grants powers much like the Goku Uniforms, and forces Ryuko to wear itself simply for the promise of bloodshed. Armed with new powers, Ryuko reenters Honnoji Academy ready to fight.

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Personal Opinions


When it's good, Kill la Kill is a kind of super-campy stylized action comedy. However sometime after Episode 14 it attempts to transition to something more epic and serious, and does a rather mediocre job because it appears that the whole plot is made up on the fly. In addition, the omnipresent T&A goes from happily gratuitous, to freaky and uncomfortable (your mileage may vary) for a few notorious scenes in the middle to end of the show's run. Still, there's an oddball sense of humor and a really excellent supporting cast of characters that remain very enjoyable throughout. I cannot predict whether Kill la Kill is something that will delight or repulse you.


Hot girls and fighting. There really isn't any more or less to Kill la Kill than that. There are some really muddled messages about identity and self-representation, none of which are actually expanded on in any coherent fashion. Kill la Kill doesn't so much have themes as it has thinly-veiled excuses for cool-sounding dialogue. No, this show is pure turn-off-your-brain spectacle. Which to be fair, it is pretty damn good at being. Unfortunately, outside of some fun stylistic choices and an arresting soundtrack, there isn't much else that's noteworthy about Kill la Kill. The animation flip-flops between eye-catching and eye-rolling. The story is essentially bog-standard fightin' anime with a one-note(and bordering on aggravating) main character. Thankfully the secondary cast is amusing, and carries most of the show. And then there's the unavoidable elephant in the room. This is not a show that has any qualms about plastering the screen with fanservice. From comical sexual innuendo to flat-out rape imagery. Again to be fair, there's at least something for guys and gals alike. All in all, Kill la Kill is pretty middle of the road fare. It's got truckloads of flair and bombast, but not a whole lot of anything else.


Here was a show that was meant to Save Anime. It did not, but it proved an amusing distraction all the same.


A murder in the first episode is never addressed or mentioned again, and put me off the entire show. Pretty forgettable series.


Unremarkable series made by Imaishi's studio so he can have screaming, fighting, fanservice, and his weird bondage fetish thrown in there sometimes. I can give that Studio Trigger is an underfunded but amazing animation studio, but that's really not enough reason to watch this unless you just want to catch up on the latest anime fads, have a boner for mindless "hot-blooded" stuff, or want to pretend you're watching "tasteful" fanservice. I regret spending time watching this series.