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Written By Izumi Todo (manga)
Rie Matsumoto, Izumi Todo (anime)
Illustrated By Merche
Directed By Rie Matsumoto
Format Anime, Anime (ONA), Manga
Magazine GanGan Comics Online
Made By Toei Animation
# of Episodes 6 (ONA)
10 (anime)
# of Volumes 1 (ongoing)


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A misfit family of deities living in a pocket-dimension are visited by their brash and childish younger sister.

Main Description

While searching for clues to the whereabouts of her mother, the hammer-wielding Koto, accompanied by her brothers A and Un, stumble upon a strange new realm. It is Kyoto, the Mirror Capital. A world created from a painting, and presided over by three peculiar siblings. The three lords, who seem to share some connection to young Koto, take a great interest in her quest. Do the siblings really intend to help Koto find her mother, or are they merely using this childish new element to their world to achieve their own selfish ends? What secrets lay behind this strange and colorful version of Kyoto?

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Personal Opinions


Kyousougiga is a frenetic, colorful, and sometimes confusing explosion of creativity and heartfelt character drama. It is, in its own words, "a story of a certain family's love and rebirth". A story of a family finding meaning and comfort in each other, and that's really it. For all its spectacle and energy, Kyousougiga is ultimately a very personal and small story. But it's how that story is presented that makes all the difference. This show is the directorial debut of Rie Matsumoto, who worked primarily as a storyboarder for the Pretty Cure franchise. And I can't help but feel like Toei has been squandering her talent, because this show is gorgeous. From the sketchy, illustration-like quality of Mirror City, to the subtle and nuanced character-animation, to the smart use of visual metaphors and symbols, this show is expressive and vibrant in a way that can only be justifiably done in animation. Which isn't to say this show is slouching in other areas. Oh on the contrary, this is a confident piece of work all-around. The eclectic, emotional soundtrack compliments the stellar vocal performances. Young Koto may be the famed Queen of Tsundere, Rie Kugimiya's strongest role to date. In terms of actual writing quality, few pieces of fiction are as immaculate at Kyousougiga. The story is thematically consistent and resonant, tightly paced and plotted, emotional and affecting. Kyousougiga is the kind of show that retroactively justifies all the schlocky nonsense that pays for passion projects like this, and asserts anime as a legitimate artform.