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The medicine seller strikes a pose or something.
Original Manga
Director/Artist Kenji Nakamura
Format Anime
Made By Toei Animation
Episode Length 22 minutes each
# of Eps/Volumes 12


Sum it up in a Sentence

Mysterious purveyor of medicinal substances travels around medieval Japan, kills malevolent spirits on the side.

Main Description

Originally born as a oneshot story for a compilation of traditional horror stories, the adventures of the Medicine Seller were expanded in this 2006 Noitamina series. Outstanding features include the use of special animation designed to mimick the appearance of traditional Japanese paper illustrations. Throughout the series, the Medicine Seller, our only true main character to speak of, travels Japan and inevitably runs into people troubled by Mononoke, malicious versions of Ayakashi spirits (Kind of like Ghosts and Ghouls if you want to quibble). As these threats are supernatural, the Medicine Seller uses an array of traditional Shinto style scrolls and amulets to ward off these spirits, but to truly kill them, he reqires understanding of their Form, Truth and Reasoning in order to properly exorcise them with his magical sword (IE use even more of the animation budget on a colosally awesome action scene).

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Personal Opinions

Nine of Eight

I must admit that Mononoke is not easy to pick up: The dialogue and art style may initially be offputting for the unsuspecting viewer, but giving it the four episode test will see you to the end of the first arc, allowing you to choose whether this is your thing. Definitely a good show to present to friends who are not entirely sold on the concept of Anime.


I loved the art style and the way that the show was presented. It's very elegant and casual. I'm usually frustrated by slow storylines in anime, but this show didn't bug me as much. A little creepy, but that just adds to the environment of the show. A very interesting watch, at least.