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Nichijou (Everyday Life)
Nichijou cov.jpg
Literal representation of the series.
Written By Keiichi Arawi
Director Tatsuya Ishihara
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By Kyoto Animation
# of Episodes 26


Comedy, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence

Follow the (not) normal lives of three high school girls, and a robot girl with her child genius creator...all animated with extreme impunity.

Main Description

Three girls in a typical high school try to live their everyday lives while bungling through the pitfalls it throws at them. Yuko is loud, below-average, and often the biggest target of life's outrageous misfortunes. Mio is arguably the most normal of the trio, snappy, but terribly embarrassed of the few secrets she holds. Mai is a quiet person, rarely explains her actions, and seems to understand everything in the most mysterious ways (but not without using it to instigate jokes and pranks of her own).

The other two main characters are Nano, a lifelike girl robot who ironically oversees her own owner simply named Hakase (lit. Professor), who is a young girl with very childlike tendencies. Nano dreams of living a life of a normal human being while Hakase carries out her life not unlike a slightly spoiled child and giving Nano grief through inventions and alterations she makes to Nano.

The rest of the series also rests on gags and jokes about the life of various side characters or miscellaneous skits. While the series as a whole does not have a very clear storyline or purpose, the series does its best to not live up to its name while doing it at the same time.

Just kidding, Nichijou is actually X-Men the anime.

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Personal Opinions

Dr. Jackal

Literally half the jokes in the manga are a joke. The manga caught my eye because of the deer in the front page which prompted me to read the sample and after trying to stifle some smiles I bought the book. Like most of Slice-of-Life books there is no main point to the book and I think anyone who is looking for a clear storyline is going to be disappointed about 4 pages in.

The story begins with Nano exploding.


This series owned. I will admit, however, that this series can be very hit-or-miss and that those who don't typically watch slice of life anime might declare this a "MONKEY CHEESE" type show. That said, the animation quality is very over-the-top and paired with excellent quality background music (for a comedy show) that really brings out the gags. The show also employs "brick jokes" where they set up something early and comes in with a bang later. It happens with a lot of the ongoing characters' lives too and I love how they all weave and tie with each other from time to time.



There's two best shows, this is one of them.

Captain Crappy

There aren't very many 'jokes' per episode. A lot of the jokes are based on someone doing something dumb then the other character commenting/yelling about it (typical Nipponese humour). Music / visual style plays a large part in most jokes and sort of forces you to laugh even if the joke wasn't funny.

Watch the summer uniform episodes first (or only) since they're the best episodes.

Hungry Gerbil

The humor of this show might not be for everyone since it is very silly, bizarre and surreal at times. But if you enjoy shows like Pani Poni Dash, you will love Nichijou. The cast of this show is also pretty likeable. Even the obligatory tsundere (more like gundere) doesn't get on your nerves.

a kitten

This show is ridiculous and I completely loved it, it doesn't vary its formula much during its run, but if you like the brand of humor its presenting it doesn't disappoint. There were a few times I literally had to stop watching an episode for a bit so that I could catch my breath from laughing too hard.

Robert Denby

I'm going to offer a dissenting opinion here for people who are a little baffled as to why this show in particular has been so massively popular, especially on SA. 'Dissenting' may be too strong a word. It's not like I hated it, in fact there are some absolutely hilarious moments, but I found the show as a whole incredibly hit and miss, way overlong, and didn't care for the pacing on a lot of the jokes. This is a show where mixed in between the standard goofy comedy are skits stretched far, far beyond a comfortable time limit. There are some segments that last a good 6 minutes before you get a single joke at the very end to troll you (that episode of Sealab 2021 where they just did a straight Sealab 2020 episode until the station blows up at the very last second is a good comparison).

I'm hoping that if this series makes it to the US on DVD that it has a robust chapter selection, so that you can program it to run the good bits and skip the 'meh' sections.

I will say though that the animation is quite good, jaw-dropping in places to be honest. KyoAni's pact with Satan to make K-ON and Lucky Star successful has payed off.


Nichijou reminded me of the classic comedy film Airplane!, in that almost anything can happen for any reason as long as it drives a joke. Unlike Airplane! however, it doesn't tell another joke before the last one has even finished, and in fact some segments may go on for a couple minutes before really leading anywhere. So if a joke misses, you're kind of stuck there for a bit wondering why you're still watching. Still, I found that I was laughing more often than not, especially in the middle/late portion of the 26 episodes (the "summer uniform" ones mentioned above.)