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Elfen Lied

Quantum physics!
Original Manga N/A
Director/Artist Kazuki Akane, Kenji Yasuda
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Satelight
Episode Length 25 Minutes
# of Eps/Volumes 24


Mystery, Sci-Fi, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence

Quantum physics, personal drama and a trans-dimestional war. Also featuring an anime explanation of Schrödinger's cat.

Main Description

Haruka, the lead character, a schoolgirl, has the power of "observer-status" in the multiverse, thus enabling her to determine the outcome of an event just by "looking" at the event itself. Meanwhile the post-apocalyptic parallel timespace La'Cryma is being invaded by bizzare beings from another timespace, the Shangri'la. To stop them La'Cryma needs to take Haruka's power.

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Personal Opinions


This show came out of nowhere and went under the radar for a lot of people. It's a shame as it is one of the best sci-fi anime out there. Starting from the first episode the music, plot and animation quality are epic. The quantum physics theme is also pretty unique and at the same time well-explained, rarely dropping to the level of usual sci-fi technobabble. All in all its a great series, worth recommending to any Sci-Fi anime fan.


Download the first episode in the highest resolution you can and watch the opening sequence. The animation presented at this point easily rivals any high budget project you care to name. It's one of the most dynamic CGI scenes presenting a furious battle scene I've ever seen. As an opener I cannot name anything which approaches it in sheer terms of quality. The rest of the series? Well get used to the fact they seemed to have spent part of the budget rendering a particular location in 3d as they will reuse it often. A plot is presented in a slightly haphazard manner which makes it hard to follow at first but as you start to figure it out for yourself you start to catch up quicker though it helps if you you familiarise yourself with the idea of a quantum reality. Yeah it gets a bit scientific but I belive it mostly holds you hands though these phases so you don't get too lost.


While I liked this show I think it could have been better. To begin with, the plot is really far fetched, especially in the early episodes when nothing is explained (the quantum stuff only comes late if I remember correctly). In the visual department the art quality drops a lot during the (otherwise very dynamic) fight scenes. The rest of the time the art is pretty good, especially the rendition of the city of Hakone where the action takes place. The music is also memorable and in the end, it's a nice show with very attaching characters (even the bad guys) with some weird Sci-Fi elements thrown it.


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