Ping Pong

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Ping Pong
Original Manga Taiyō Matsumoto
Director/Artist Masaaki Yuasa
Format Anime , Manga
Made By Tatsunoko Production
# of Episodes 11



Sum it up in a Sentence:

My blood tastes like iron!

Main Description

Interconnected stories of high school Ping Pong players where they discover why they play in the first place. Centers on Peco, who's cocky but quick to despair when he loses, and Smile, who hides his talent behind his reserved attitude. Has a sprawling cast (including a Chinese immigrant character and the imposing and powerful Dragon) that comes together in memorable tournaments.

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Personal Opinions

The Devil Tesla

Punchy and brilliant, with a Masaaki Yuasa adaption that is not only gorgeous and wildly original but easy to get into. Overflowing with life in both the manga and the anime. It may not make you want to play ping pong but it'll make you want to do whatever it is you like to do better.


The best thing about Ping Pong is how laser focused the whole endeavor is. The cast is gigantic, the art is weird and the world of professional ping pong is likely a foreign one. But each is a choice, a deliberate step towards the story the anime is telling. Growing up is scary. The individual stories of Smile, Peco, Dragon, Wenge, nameless ping pong wanderer and the others all blend together into a seamless meditation on growing up. The strange, almost dreamlike art from Kaiba (and other Yuasa shows?) makes a reappearance, giving life to some complex visual metaphors. Nothing is flashy for the sake of being flashy, but the show is full to the brim with visual oomph. Growing up doesn't have to change who you are. You just need the courage to stand up and face the difficulties life puts in your path.


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