The Prince of Tennis

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The Prince of Tennis
The Prince of Tennis.jpg
The entire Seigaku team being terribly cocky, as always.
Manga Author Takeshi Konomi
Director Takayuki Hamana
Format Anime (TV), Manga
Made By Trans Arts
# of Episodes 178
# of OVAs 6 (2008)
7 (2009)
# of Manga Volumes 42


Shounen, Sports

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A tennis prodigy joins his school's team to beat every tennis player in Japan because apparently Japanese middle school students have superhuman tennis powers.

Main Description

Ryoma Echizen is a child tennis prodigy who seeks to join the private academy Seigaku, who are known for their prestigious tennis club. Once he is accepted after displaying his amazing skills, the team sets out to win the National Middle School Tennis Championships. Along the way, Ryoma bonds with his team and together develop new skills to help them beat other schools. Matches feature each member of the club and showcase their skills and how they take on opponents and rivals. When not playing official matches, the Seigaku team undergoes intense training regimens and run into episodic mischief with each other or other schools.

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Personal Opinions


This is not goddamn tennis.

This thing is straight-up shounen: long waits between fights (aka a tennis match) due to lots of intense staring and inner monologue, useless characters cheering on the sides, filler episodes, and best of all...lots of superpowers and signature moves. It's hilarious because in the beginning, they blow their load on explaining actual, performable real-life tennis techniques and strategies. Then it devolves into creating tornadoes, defying physics, and opening "gates" of inner power like one would find in Naruto. I shit you not. So why watch this? I guess if you're a tennis fan and can find humor in how not-serious an intentionally serious Japanese tennis anime is, you can get a kick out of it and grow to love this ridiculously trope-worthy team who thinks they're the baddest shit around. I mean, why not? With their powers and mention of real-life tennis stars, they should be able to hypnotize Ralph Nadal with their footwork and hit serves that write their names on the other side of a court. --Willsun 06:10, 11 May 2011 (UTC)