Servant x Service

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Servant x Service
Servant x Service.png
Written By Karino Takatsu (manga)
Taketo Shimoyama (anime)
Illustrated By Karino Takatsu
Directed By Yasutaka Yamamoto
Format Anime, Manga
Magazine Big Gangan
Made By A-1 Pictures
# of Episodes 13
# of Volumes 3 (ongoing)


Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Parks and Recreation but in Japan with anime humor.

Main Description

Servant x Service is a comedy about several very silly people who work at a welfare office for very silly reasons, such as "revenge" against a public servant from an earlier generation. It begins with the introduction of three new hires, one of whom is already looking for ways to slack off on the job, and only gets more ridiculous from there, as we learn that even the characters who appear to be set up as the sensible ones are hiding some quirk or other. It later enters romantic-comedy territory, but this is handled with just as much levity as everything else. This is a good series for emoting hair, comedic punches to the face, and toy animals.

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Personal Opinions

The Devil Tesla

I was expecting an episodic gag show like Working!!, but instead we got a romantic comedy that successfully builds each week in a hugely satisfying way. This is a very, very good thing, and it stands out even more when you conciser that the core cast is actually adults for once (there are a few teenage side characters but they don't take over the show and are really pretty great). It's not immune to anime cliches and there are a few bum segments, but it's definitely more than the sum of its parts.